7 Tips For A Fun Family Picnic

There is something about family picnics that makes life easier and better. Fresh air, sun and your loved ones can recharge your batteries and if you add delicious food into the mix, you’ll have a perfect picnic. However, you should come prepared and check all these items from the list before leaving. Picnic Gear The first thing you will need… Read more →

Finding Out You have what it Takes… The Little Hero Book

Over View: The Book The Little Hero. This Book is a story of Mays finding he has what it takes to be a hero. Our Reviewer is  Layla age 6 using an  Acer Laptop  by download via direct link. REVIEW: As Mom I downloadedthe story and read prior to introducing it to the reviewer Layla. I  started by reading this loving story in it’s entirety to insure it… Read more →

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