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Hey all it’s here. The App is now available to our customers and consignors. We recognize that the world is looking at mobile first, and we need to be able to appropriately offer our awesome services and products on people’s tablets and phones. Our new app helps us transform into a single destination integrating Kids Consignment Store: news feeds – Follow events… Read more →

How NOT To Be a Bad Event or Online Kids Consignor

The second hand clothing industry has been booming in recent times and it’s been great for families across the globe. This is especially when it comes to selling your children’s clothing. You now can earn on unwanted items and out grown clothing while saving the earth with recycling. Now who doesn’t want to make money and make a contribution to saving the earth. Small… Read more →

Kids Designer Styles For Less! ” Huge Savings with Second Hand”

As a parent, I know how important it is to make sure your kids are presentable whenever you go out! We all want to be able to provide the VERY best when it comes to our children. The best shoes, the best nutrients, the best schools, the best doctors, and of course the best clothes! Designer clothes can be expensive,… Read more →

Liljellybeans Kids Event Sale For Best Dressed For Less Consignment

We are happy to announce to our event consignors another successful drop off of over 600+ items at the Best Dressed For Less Event. It was a total success and Event Consignors for this event will receive additional information on your consigned items and payment date. Best Dress for less is sponsored by several businesses, and is a favorite back… Read more →

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