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REVIEW: Listen up all you MY4FACES FANS.  Just like the game you get to color monsters, space ships and even RIO.. How cool! The best thing is it’s like playing the game only you can make your own story by coloring these guys the way you like.. All your friends will envy you because you have the coolest jumbo coloring book. Laya age… Read more →

“Funny & Fun App” Pesky Puffin Poopers

RESPONSIVE AND INTUITIVE TOUCH CONTROLS Fly, poo, dodge enemies, grab protective shields and fuel with a simple touch! SIMPLE NAVIGATION Easy to use help and navigation controls allow you to explore different worlds, purchase upgrades with the coins you collect throughout the game, and customize speeds for endless hours of play in each world. CHALLENGE FRIENDS Post your scores to… Read more →

“OctoPlus” Fun and Educational App for Your Child ( Special Needs Compatible)

Description Introducing OctoPlus, a gaming app that makes math addition fun and engaging for kids. OctoPlus places your child in an underwater water world where you have to battle turtles to score points. OctoPlus reinforces key math skills within an interactive gaming environment. With both a drill and challenge mode, children’s math skills are improved based on their own individual… Read more →

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