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Baby Skills App Review

Baby Skills is an app for parents with young kids, available on both iTunes and Google Play. It helps them track their baby’s progress over time, and can be used as a way of preserving memories. The app is targeted at kids aged up to five years old and caters to any type of family. Every child is unique and grows differently, and because of this, Baby Skills is very flexible and can be tweaked to suit the needs of the individual. The app comes with a host of useful features, and its primary goal is to help map every child’s growth.


Parents can track hundreds of skills inside the app, all sorted into logical categories such as physical, personal, literacy, and numeracy. The app is useful as a tool throughout a child’s developmental process and can be matched against checklists and books in order to assist parents in measuring how far their kids have come.

Aside from the skills tracking system, the app sports a journal component and news feed. The journal can be used as a way of preserving memories through pictures and notes. In this way, parents will be able to go back and look at moments they had with their kids even as time goes on. The news feed allows them to share their memories and progress with friends and family in a secure way and will keep all relevant people in the loop about the kids.

Straight-forward to Use

Baby Skills has a simple layout and is very easy to incorporate into the daily life of a family. It achieves what it sets out to do, and manages to keep the parents and their kids as the focal point throughout. The developmental progress of any child is unique and exciting, and Baby Skills helps parents record it in the best way possible.

The skill tracker is one of a kind in its usability and logical setup. The app is designed to follow the child, not the reverse—and parents will benefit from this. Through being able to set up the app to their wishes, they will find it more natural to use it on a daily basis and can reap the rewards as their kids grow older.


As a developmental tool, the app is mostly for record keeping and preservation of moments—however, it will significantly shorten the process of ensuring that one’s kids develop at a satisfactory pace. And when they grow older, it will be enjoyable for both parents and children to look back and reminisce about fond memories.

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