Reasons Why Work From Home Moms Need a Nanny…


3 Reasons a Work From Home Mom Needs a Nanny
More moms are choosing to leave the traditional office environment and instead do their job from home. If you’re considering making the switch, or you already have, here are 3 reasons to consider hiring a nanny.

To get work done
Even though you work from home, you still need to get actual work done. It can be hard to give 100% if you’re typing with one hand and changing a diaper with the other. Having a trained caregiver for your baby allows you to complete the work you’ve promised your boss that you’ll do. Even if you’re self-employed or you’re your own boss, being able to focus for longer periods of time without interruption allows you to be much more productive.

To appear professional
Bouncing a crying toddler on your hip during a work call is anything but professional. Everyone loves a happy baby, but customers and co-workers do not want to try to have a conversation over your little one’s screams.
Many people who work from home do not want clients to guess that they’re at a private residence instead of in an office or business setting. Having a nanny to entertain your child during conference calls and video calls can make a huge difference when you’re trying to keep that high level of professionalism.

To keep you sane
On top of being able to get work done and appearing professional, you’ll also get to save (at least some) of your sanity. Babies are a challenge all on their own, add in a job, cleaning and running a household, errands, cooking, and caring for your other family members and before you know it you may find yourself begging for a little down time.
Having another set of hands available to care for baby when you’re ready to have a mommy meltdown makes a huge difference in your stress level. You can step away, take a few minutes to yourself, and feel confident knowing a loving caregiver is taking care of your little one.
Having a Nanny Doesn’t Have to be Complicated
Many people feel insecure about part of what goes along with having a nanny. Aside from the hiring process which can actually be fun, there’s also the tax and payroll side which can be very intimidating. We can help you keep that portion legal and simple, and do the tax math for you!

We will:
Set up your CRA and WCB account

  • Cover all your payroll, deductions, and tax filing needs
  • Ensure you are compliant with your provincial employment standards
  • Answer any and all your related tax questions
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