7 Tips For A Fun Family Picnic

There is something about family picnics that makes life easier and better. Fresh air, sun and your loved ones can recharge your batteries and if you add delicious food into the mix, you’ll have a perfect picnic. However, you should come prepared and check all these items from the list before leaving.

Picnic Gear
The first thing you will need is a good blanket. It can be either an old blanket you have at home, or you can dedicate a new one just for the family picnics. However, make sure the blanket has a waterproof back so the wet grass wouldn’t be a problem. Also, you will need a basket big enough for all the snacks and utensils. Make sure it is sturdy as well, so it wouldn’t break on your way there. On the other hand, you can divide the food into two baskets and be safe.

Yummy Food
Make sure all the packed food is light. You can make light sandwiches, bring fresh fruits and veggies and some brownies for a treat. Also, you can prepare a potato salad and pair it with some turkey sandwiches and a few dips for the veggies. Whatever your favorite snack is, make sure it is easy on the stomach and that it is refreshing and delicious.

Fun Games
Since you are out there to have fun, you should prepare some fun games. Bring along a ball or a Frisbee to play with your children and burn some energy. If your family likes some fast board games, you should bring those as well. At the end, the fresh air and the running around the park or a beach will be enough fun for all of you, so the best game equipment will be your good mood.

Something for the Bugs
Even though you are there to have fun, pesky insects can spoil your picnic. The peskiest of them all are definitely the mosquitoes and you should have something to fight them off. Pack a few repellent tissues or any other natural mosquito repellent and everyone will be safe and mosquito-bite free.


Fresh Drinks
You need to stay hydrated at your picnic. So, bring several bottles of water, enough for everyone. Also, you can pack some healthy juices for your kids. However, if adults want to have a bit more fun, you can pack your favorite bottle of wine or a refreshing beer. Whatever you choose, make sure it is fresh and packed and your family picnic is bound to be fun.

Bottle Opener

Lastly, if you are bringing wine or beer, you will need

something to open them. Don’t forget to pack your bottle opener, otherwise, your family picnic could have an unexpected turn. Nevertheless, don’t forget to have fun.

Portable Cooler

Since you will be bringing drinks and food, you will need something to keep them cool. This is especially important if you are carrying sandwiches with meat and eggs. Plus, all of your fruits and veggies will stay fresh. Basically, all you need besides the basket is a portable cooler that can hold all of your food and drinks.
Basically, you need something light for a snack and a few refreshing drinks. A cozy blanket and some fun family games will only make the picnic more memorable and it can become your weekly routine.

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