REVIEW: Listen up all you MY4FACES FANS.  Just like the game you get to color monsters, space ships and even RIO.. How cool! The best thing is it’s like playing the game only you can make your own story by coloring these guys the way you like.. All your friends will envy you because you have the coolest jumbo coloring book.

Laya age 6 chose the coloring page that had all the characters. She said she would do 1 a day to spread her fun time to everyday of the week. ” Go Figure” She was excited to color and it took approximately 10- 13 minutes for her color completely. Of course shehad to talk about the characters first before starting.. While layla was coloring she was singing the music from the app and had all the colors shown in the app ready to go.She loved that this had all the characters from a game she was playing everyday!

PARENTS: This jumbo coloring book is  dedicated to bringing to life the very game your kids love to play on your table, phone or computer. Not only can they color but , this would be a great time to story tell and make up new characters too.  This book is affordable and it’s not like those other regular coloring books . Your kids will think it’s cool to color their favorite app characters. In addition You’ll look forward to buying this coloring book and providing your kids with a “fun and Quiet” activity!





– Characters from the App “MY4FACES
– Easy story telling
– Quiet Time Play

– Needs More Pages.

We give it  4 out of  5 lollipops due to limited amount of pages .  photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png photo lilpop_zpsc124ef52.png

Your child will love this coloring book just as Layla Did!

Visit and purchase your book now By visiting: MY4FACES Jumbo Coloring Book

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