Wild About WildTree…

As a person who loves flavorful foods that includes fresh herbs.  Wildtree is the perfect way to spice up your life so to speak! Who doesn’t love food that has been seasoned to perfection or marinated to delight your taste buds. What if I tell you , you can have your seasoning and it be healthy too! Yes Healthy too. Completely organic no preservatives or harsh chemicals.. So what does all this have to do with anything?? Well WildTree is the place to purchase your seasons for any reason!!!!

What Is WildTree?

WildTree was founded in 1996. The company offers natural food seasoning, sauces and various other products with no preservatives. All their products are non-processed and not artificially flavored in anyway. In addition WildTree products are all certified organic. WildTree is listed with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a positive rating at the time of this blog post.


How To Purchase Their Products?

Home Parties or Purchase from the website

With WildTree, the parties are actually labeled as “tastings.” These tastings are great as not only do you get to see the products you can taste them, now who wouldn’t love that? You would schedule a Tasting Party and invite friends and family share in the experience of tasting new and natural.  If you’ve hosted any type of event you know there is an incentive in the end for you..lol. So you have to factor in Not only that I get healthy I have the potential of free or reduced prices on great taste ingredients.

You can view, buy online or arrange a party via: mywildtree.com/wlewis

You will be glad you did!!!

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