Finding Out You have what it Takes… The Little Hero Book

Over View: The Book The Little Hero. This Book is a story of Mays finding he has what it takes to be a hero. Our Reviewer is  Layla age 6 using an  Acer Laptop  by download via direct link. REVIEW: As Mom I downloadedthe story and read prior to introducing it to the reviewer Layla. I  started by reading this loving story in it’s entirety to insure it… Read more →

Double the Fun with Twin Fun Town!

Over View:Twins Fun Town You Tube Channel. This  kids channel shows all the fun things that can happen in with siblings and family. Kids having fun! View one of their cute videos below.   Our Reviewers are Collin Age 3  and Layla age 6 using an Ipad Mini with Youtube App with direct link to Fun Town. REVIEW: As Collin click on his youtube app… Read more →

Kids Learn to Draw with Drawing With Maya!

Over View: Drawing With Maya You Tube Channel. This is a kids channel showing your child how to draw and make awesome things. For kids by a kid! View one of her awesome videos below. Our Reviewers are Kailey Age 10 and Layla age 6 using an Acer Laptop with  Microsoft Windows 10 Operating system. REVIEW: As Kailey and Laya  started to click on the video… Read more →

Pediatrician With A Passport … Lisa Lewis M.D

      Choosing a pediatrician might not appear to be important early in pregnancy, but selecting a pediatrician is very important. Many women begin their search for a pediatrician during their second trimester of pregnancy. What Is A Pediatrician? A pediatrician is a medical doctor that specializes in the care of infants, adolescents and children as old as 21.… Read more →

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